I’m Steven Balke.

It is my hope that this online portfolio will offer you just a small snapshot of who I am and what I hope to offer God’s people as a priest. The journey of my call to serve continues to be filled with surprises, learning opportunities, and growth. I welcome you to explore here some of my experiences along the way:

  • In the About Steven Balke section, you can find a brief bio and info about my passions and pastimes.
  • In the Résumé & References section, you can download and ask for useful employment information.
  • Several of my sermons are available in text or even audio and video recordings in the Sample Sermons section.
  • The Sample Work section contains some examples of my ministry efforts, projects, and even some articles.
  • You can check out pictures of my ministry and some of my family in the Photographs section.
  • You can find video recordings by me and videos of me at work in the Videos section.

Please also visit St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church to learn more about the parish I serve. You are also always welcome to contact me anytime if you wish to get in touch or ask questions.

Thanks very much for visiting. Peace and blessings!

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The Rev. Steven Balke