Sample Written Work

In addition to my sermons, the following written works are included to provide a greater sense of my thought process about theological topics and my participation in exploring matters of faith.

Bible Commentary contribution to the Episcopal Digital Network

While in seminary, I was invited by the Episcopal Digital Network to write for their Online Bible Study, including commentaries and guided discussion questions. This is a sample of that work (more of my contributions can be found following the Web link below).

Web link to the EDN Online Bible Study 

“Hospitality as a Fundamental Christian Virtue”

An article written for the topic of Christian Ethics. This article is an examination of hospitality as a foundation for Christian understandings of virtue, love, and sacramental theology.

“A Constructive Theology”

An article written for the topic of Systematic Theology. This article is a credo on my personal theology, including perspectives on Christology, Creation, Sin and Reconciliation, Atonement, and Christian Love.