Sample Projects for Church Communities

The following section contains examples of projects I developed either for the needs of a specific parish or the use of any faith community in learning, growing, or exploring the Christian life.

“Welcome to St. Patrick’s” Promo

A promotional video to welcome visitors to St. Patrick’s, Washington DC. I planned the promo, took photographs, shot video, interviewed parishioners, and oversaw editing of the finished product. It is designed to be shown on parish welcome screens and embedded on the St. Patrick’s Website.

“Comparison of the Gospels” Video Series

 A video series presenting what we can learn about Jesus and ministry by comparing the differences and similarities in the four Gospels. Meant to be a flexible learning resource, the videos can be used in a church forum or Bible Study, embedded on a church Website, or shared via email or electronic newsletter.

“Revisioning Ushering and Greeting as Ministry” Presentation

A presentation for the vestry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, exploring difficulties faced in the ushers program. It proposes changes to the program to make the it more organized and emphasizes thinking of ushers and greeters as important ministries of the church.

“The Letters of Paul” Presentation

A lecture on understanding the letters of Paul in context. I first presented it at St. Paul’s, Indianapolis (lecture recorded and included with the slideshow). It has been adapted for multimedia presentation in church forums, Bible Studies, or online learning modules.

Includes companion handout/study guide (read here)